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Growing up, he always had the “music bug.”

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Certified had an undeniable passion for music for all array of genres. Certified began his career the traditional way using turntables and records at the age of 14. He has since adapted to the new age of spinning, but knows the “old school” way shaped him into the DJ he is today. Throughout his career Certified has had the opportunity to use his talent at various big name record labels Def Jams, J Records, Interscope, Etc.

Certified currently works at KCEP Power88 (FM
88.1).  His energy is consistent while he is
spinning, no matter the size of the crowd whether he is performing at Vegas House event on the Strip Certified know how to complement the vibes around him and his special art of mixing video onTv screens as a bonus. He also knows the importance of being a well rounded, so his style ranges from Hip Hop, House, Techo, Pop, R&B, Jazz, Reggae, Reggaeton and even EDM. Certified continues to master his craft and has high hopes of becoming a well know name worldwide in the industry.

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