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How many DJs you know can say they’ve had the privilege of sitting in on recording  sessions with the likes of Classic R&B legends such as Etta James, Minnie Riperton and  Maurice White? ENTER RORY MCALISTER! Born a music industry brat under the wings  of his dad Maurice McAlister (staff songwriter for Chicago's legendary Chess Records  and lead singer of The Radiants), Rory sat in on a countless number of historic recording  sessions at Chess as a kid while pops got the work done.

This natural connection to the  hearts of soulful artists and the music making process eventually translated into Rory  finding a way to the industry in his own right! Rory got his first taste of radio in Chicago  as a finalist in a city-wide DJ contest air personality Tom Joyner & WJPC sponsored in  Summer 1980 which landed him a gig at Chicago Fest playing for thousands! Relocating  to Las Vegas in late 1983, Rory immediately grabbed the city by the horns and has  maintained a finger on the pulse of cultural trends in the entertainment arena ever since!  From facilitating the music industry with his Record Systems marketing / promotions  company & record pool to producing the first mass-appeal mix shows for local radio four  stations deep from 1984 to present (KCEP, KUNV, KJMZ, CBS Radio KLUC and back to  KCEP as of current) including numerous features in the national syndication arena  (Violator Radio – Sirius Satellite Radio & Smirnoff’s Master of the Mix – iHeart Radio),  Rory is a true pioneer in the game! Recent honorable mentions include ‘DJ Pioneer’  recognition in Vegas Seven Magazine’s 2013 Nightclub Awards issue, 2014 Chicago DJ  Hall Of Fame induction and Rory’s #HOUSEHeritage30 “I Like Percussion” 30th Anniversary DJ Tour in 2015.  

Tune in to Rory’s Saturday Night House Party aired 10pm – 2am on  Power 88.1 KCEP (Las Vegas). 

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